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Forms Data Loader is a powerful tool to load data from Excel or CSV files into Oracle EBS / ERP 11i / R12 through front end forms. It provides an easy and cost effective solution for loading test or legacy data into Oracle Applications. Although it is specially built for loading into Oracle Applications, It can be used to load data in any application Forms running under Windows. It does not require any special technical knowledge and can be used by any user as it is loaded through front end forms

It also has a separate tools like HTML Forms Data Loader for loading it from Excel or delimited files into HTML forms also known as Oracle Self Service Forms.

Forms D Loader lets you load through Macro loading (simulated keystrokes) only
Forms D Loader lets you load through Macro Loading (simulated keystrokes) method and Forms Record and Playback method.
It can be used for testing and evaluation. It lets you load through Macro Loading (simulated keystrokes) method and Forms Record and Playback method. It is fully functional except there is a 10 records limitation.

Forms Loader comes with HTML Forms Data Loader. Which is now the choice of all Oracle ERP professionals to load information into Oracle Self Service forms?

Important Features of Form D Loader are as follows

It Loads data directly into front end forms thus no direct connection to the database is required.
Completely transparent to the application. Application behaves as data is entered by a user.

Accurate. All validations define in the application forms are performed.
Useful for developers who have to feed data into forms repeatedly while testing applications.
Useful for loading legacy data into applications where data cannot be loaded directly into tables easily

How Forms Loader loads data through Macro Loading method

Data Loader fills data in Forms by simulating keystrokes as though type by a user. It provides a spreadsheet interface where you can enter the data and keystrokes to send to the forms. Building Load is quite easy, you can learn building data loads by just spending few minutes or use macro recording feature which automatically prepares the load as you enter a sample record into the target form. It can be used to load data in virtually any type of application form whether it is SAP or HTML or any other application

Macro loading method is straight forward and simple method to load data. However many a times the load gets disturbed due asynchronization between the speed with which Data Loader send the keystrokes and the time taken by the target application to process the keystrokes. Most of the time it is fine tuned by inserting Time Delays and reducing the speed with which data is send to the target application.

How Forms D Loader loads data through Forms Record and Playback method.

Data Loader exploits the Oracle Forms Record and playback feature. In this method the loading is done in 3 steps. 1, Oracle Application is run in record mode and the user has to enter atleast two sample records in the desired forms. 2, After user finishes entering sample records, Oracle will generate one recorded file in the forms server.

User has to open this file in Data Loader and populate data into this file from Excel or any delimited files. 3, After this user has to place this file in the same location in Forms Server where recorded file is found and then run Oracle Application in Playback mode.

As you run the Oracle Application in playback mode Oracle will automatically load all the records which you have populated in second step. It is very fast almost 10 to 20 times faster than Macro loading.

Introduction to HTML Forms Data Loader

HTML Forms Data Loader HDL is a separate tool, which comes with Data Loader, to load data from CSV / Delimited / Databases into an HTML Form. It is a supplement to Forms Data Loader Tool which uses Macros to enter data in Forms.

HTML Forms Data Loader provides a unique first of its kind and convenient and cost effective solution for loading data in HTML forms or Oracle Self Service Forms. You can load thousand of rows in a very short time without getting any errors.

You can find more information from Data Loader official site
You can download the Free Trial edition of Data Loader by clicking here

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