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Optimize yourselves in Google Search engine and allow people to search you online through Google search, if you wish to appear on Google pages with your detail and picture on it you can do it so, it is very easy to be optimize your name on Google search, if any one want to know about you he can do it by Searching your name as key word in Google search.

You may thinking that it might be a very difficult and costly to be appear in Google search but you are wrong its not cost any thing to be on Google pages, its a very simple process, that can be done by your own skills, but you should have some knowledge of creating new accounts in different social websites like linkedin, silicon,facebook and hi5 etc.

Make a search using your name as a keyword in Google, you will get some close related names to you in search, these all are mostly the social websites, if you don't have account in that social website that appears in your search then you create new accounts in those website and create a full profile in it and use your names as your key words for the search.

now if you completed creating accounts in social websites with full profile with a photo, you can test your work that you did by your own, type your name in Google search then you will find your profile visible in Google pages, always try to use a long keyword when any one search about you in Google.

i will give you an example here, if your name is John M Hayden type full name like "John Mathew Hayden" using your full name Google will search the exact name you search, this result will take you to the exact profile you are looking for, and there may be some other ways to optimize yourselves in Google but i explain what i did by my own.

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